Presentation Night, Mixtapes and Footy

I was asked to join Jude Bolton in a night of music and football for an event called Presentation Night. The concept has been running in Melbourne for a couple of years with the likes of Cameron Ling, Bob Murphy and Matthew Richardson joining Paul Kelly, Tim Rogers and Paul Dempsey. All the nights have been expertly mediated by Francis Leach. Anyone who knows me knows I love sport and somehow I’ve forged some kind of career out of music so this is perfect.

Presentation Night

I’ve been a fan of the Swans since the early 90s and recall the heady days of empty SCGs and easy availability of seats, and long before I appreciated the musician, the footballer Paul Kelly was the player I most admired. When The Herd began touring more in the early 2000s Ozi Batla started packing his Swans scarf and hat (and this is a guy who traveled very light) and enthusiastically ripped in whether at soundcheck, hotel or the back of the tour van. I couldn’t help but convert from fan to obsessive and to be frank, you’re a mug if you don’t love or at least respect the Sydney Swans.

As part of this show I was asked to make a MIXTAPE of songs to get pumped up for a game. To find out what song sounds like a moshpit breaking out at a stoppage click the damn link already.

In related news the Community Cup is going down this Sunday at Henson Park in Marrickville. The annual Walers (musicians) vs Sailors (media) slugfest is a brilliant day out and all are welcome. Entry is by donation and funds are raised for Reclink. I’m playing and it’s become apparent at training that I’m in the bottom percentile of genuine talent.

See ya there.