The Long Loud Hours remixes

by urthboy

Today we drop Jayteehazard‘s remix of Long Loud Hours. It feels so effortless and neighbourly. Jaytee simultaneously reworked the music and transports the sentiment to another, altogether more cruisy place. It’s as if all the crazy drama of the original event is now sepia-toned and easy-going and said with a smile.

If this was the official telling of Lucy Dudko and John Killick’s story, I can imagine Lucy saying “yeh I hijacked a chopper at gunpoint and rescued you from high security prison, but it was cool, the good old days. Would you make me a cup of tea darling?“.

Big shouts to All Aussie Hip Hop blog for premiering this one.
While I’ve got you, Adelaide electronic duo PINES made this incredible instrumental remix, and the superdope Milwaukee Banks went to town on it too.