Finally, Long Loud Hours

by urthboy

I had planned on writing a big explanation of the song when it dropped, but things got in the way and then went all charming on me and got the scoop.

Suffice to say, here’s the dot points of the piece:

  • Long Loud Hours was originally about Countdown. Yes, Molly.
  • I think it originally started when we sampled vinyl of Bathurst High School’s choir from the 1960s.
  • The magic moment occurred when Elgusto pressed buttons in a type of way.
  • Lucy Dudko is the hero of the story. I mean, a librarian with no criminal history who hijacked a chopper at gunpoint to rescue her lover from maximum security prison is pretty boss we have no argument there.
  • There is nothing wrong with encouraging people to do great & momentous things for love.

It can all be found HERE

Behind the Story of the Song

And the official music video