Jane Tyrrell – Echoes in the Aviary

by urthboy

For some years the promise of a solo album hung in the air with Janey. Constant touring while trying to hold down a regular job can make you sway so much it’s hard to balance a debut. How it came together is her story to tell but I’m sure the numerous collaborations and tours she experienced were a necessary curtain-raiser. Punters caught on a few years after she joined The Herd. Gradually the marriage proposals from hecklers in the audience were drowned out by people yelling at her to do a solo album. She told them she would so she did and next month it’ll be out in shops.

The first taste was this little gem of a tune, co-written with my great friend Pip Norman and Dustin McLean.


Jane’s voice is rich and smokey, giving it a soulful tone in a period of time where many successful Australian artists have thinner, higher qualities (Gossling, Sarah Blasko, Claire Bowditch). She did a short series of covers that included When Something is Wrong With My Baby with Ev Jones and Hermitude on keys and drums.

She also did this little one with ToeFu from The Herd, and this one in the back of a car during a WA leg of a Herd tour (with Rok Poshtya and a fan who was in it for some reason). Then there’s the much loved collab she did with Horrorshow In My Haze and Die a Happy Man with Tuka.

A lot of people were expecting Jane to come out with a neo-soul album but that overlooks her background in projects like the Firekites first album. Over the years she’d become obsessed with artists like Lykke Li, Thom Yorke, PVT, Little Dragon and many others, and had an intense curiosity about them that was infectious. Perhaps it shouldn’t be so surprising when the indie vibes of her new single, The Rush, dropped.


But we’re here because of Jane’s new album Echoes in the Aviary and rather than describe the genre I’ll just say it does justice to the adventurousness of her lifelong musical journey. The soulful textures in her voice bring a warmth to Laurence Pike’s tentacled percussion and key collaborators Dustin McLean and Pip Norman have enabled her to deliver on her vision. She debuted the songs recently at Bigsound and a huge cross section of industry and the public gathered to see it go down.

Jane Tyzzle's stage presence is striking, as always.

Jane Tyzzle’s stage presence is striking, as always.

And now, on the eve of the release of her debut album, after sharing the stage 100s of times, I get to stand on the sidelines and applaud her with everyone else, honouring an immense achievement. Well done traindriver, aka Jason, aka J. Tyzzle aka Chips, you done good.

Luke Dubs (Hermitude) says “Jane’s soft yet powerful voice is instantly recognisable, as she always sings straight from the heart, and it’s equally matched by her loving and generous personality“. Tuka (Thundamentals) adds “Jane is one of my favourite human beings. She has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard and I feel blessed to have been able to collaborate with her. Pure talent.”

Echoes in the Aviary artwork

Echoes in the Aviary artwork – designed by Jane

Echoes in the Aviary is out on Elefant Traks October 17. Preorder info will go live Thursday Sept 18.


It seems a long time ago that we did Shruggin, although it’s only a few years. At the time it felt like an album track and I remember trying to phrase the chorus demo with a hint of soul, all in vain of course. It wasn’t until Jane’s vocal performance that the song really made sense. She completely owned it.

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