6 Things I Learned at Field Day 2014

1. My wife and I joined the hordes of topless buff blokes, and matching ladies sideboob & shortshorts. I learned that we would’ve fit in perfectly if not for our pram and baby.

Artist impression

Artist impression

2. Once an exclusive dance and electro event, I learned that Field Day is anything but in 2014. The final 4 acts on the main stage were: Hermitude, A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa and Flume. Hats off to Fuzzy for a caj atmosphere backstage and yet another huge NYD.

I googled field day photos. I dunno, maybe this was the first one Fuzzy did?

A lot has changed since the 1st Field Day in 1874

3. I learned that squillionaire Skrillex keeps it real by raiding artists’ riders backstage. Maybe he defaulted on his spaceship repayments?

4. Standing on your mate’s shoulder, pulling your pants down and wanking in the middle of a 10000 strong mainstage crowd is the new titty flash? I didn’t learn anything here.

Hermitude Field Day 1/1/14

Hermitude Field Day 1/1/14

5. Some of their peers have more fame, more sales and more fans but none of em want it with Hermitude‘s live show. I learnt that no one can fuck with em, still.

Took this back to the lab, added a filter and some photography technical stuff you probably don't know about.

Took this back to the lab, added a filter and some photography technical stuff. It’s complicated.

6. A$AP Rocky, due on stage, stops and comments on how “adorable” my baby Jetta is. I learnt there’s nothing like a baby to shake out the staunch.